Case Studies - Cornwalls Cottages

Richard Beaman, who provides an online marketing and booking service for over 180 cottages in Cornwall, has been a SuperControl AGENCY client since 2007 and says the SuperControl online booking system is “top of the bunch”.

Seamless website integration

“In 2007, we were building the website for Cornwall’s Cottages and I was looking for the right booking system for it. I wanted software that would fit in with completely online bookings and would integrate properly with our site. In my existing business (an inn offering B&B), I already had experience of how successful online advertising and bookings could be. When I looked at the software options for a purely online booking system, SuperControl was top of the bunch. It’s a nice, clean, easy-to-use system. What really appealed to me was how well it integrated with the ‘front end’ of the website that customers use.”


“SuperControl allows me real flexibility. Right from the start, I was having to divide my time between running a pub and the new web-based venture. And now that my online business has expanded from dealing with 3 properties to over 180, the software copes just as easily.”

Top quality service

“As with any database, it takes a while to learn how things need to be done, but after that the booking system becomes easy and self-explanatory. Whenever I do need help or advice, SuperControl’s customer service and support provide very good back-up. I just pick up the phone and they are always there.”

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