Case Studies - Brighton Holiday Lets

Stephen Stone is Managing Director of Brighton Holiday Lets, a holiday rental agency established in 2003 which has grown to become one of Brighton’s leading and well respected holiday let specialists. They have been using SuperControl since March 2010 and currently have 69 properties.

We needed a system that would grow with us, and SuperControl was the answer.

“We are a young dynamic company and have always had technology at our heart. The previous online booking system we used was quite restrictive, very expensive and it wasn’t feasible to continue with them as we grew. SuperControl has given us scalability, we feel comfortable & confident we can grow our portfolio & have a back end that grows with us. SuperControl listen to their customers and are constantly adapting to their changing needs.

Once you reach a certain number of properties, the volume of data you’re dealing with reaches frenzy point – finance, calendars etc. SuperControl is a system that can manage all of that information all under one umbrella, even now when we have information for tens of thousands of guests. We are a team of 4 and SuperControl enables us to share information – all notes are on system, it is an essential information hub for all of us to tap into.”

The flexibility that SuperControl provides makes all the difference.

“The discount facility and the late deals on SuperControl are really adaptive to how we work – it can be dependent on the season or occupancy etc. Also, as an agency we have varying property sizes, from one-bedroomed apartments to townhouses that sleep up to 20 people; and they all require a different discount strategy. Because everything is in real-time you can set up discounts that are specific to the requirement of that property. The optional extras function is also really useful. SuperControl works around the clock updating discounts, last minute offers etc. which means we can capture clients from around the world.”

Significantly reduced the amount of admin…

“The landlord login area in particular has significantly reduced the amount of admin we have to do for our Landlords. Before we made use of this function we had to check bookings for them and send out statements on their behalf, but now they have their own login it saves so much time.”

SuperControl is an investment not a cost.

“We use as many marketing channels as possible, so the channel manager function is important. Our booking system has been integrated to our Facebook page and we now see bookings coming through that channel too. This has been picked up through analytics and it’s something we wouldn’t be able to offer without SuperControl.

We also integrate with sites like Holiday Lettings and HomeAway, and this is made easy because of the way SuperControl works for you behind the scenes – updating those websites on our behalf. We wouldn’t advertise on HolidayLettings or HomeAway if SuperControl didn’t integrate with them – the volume of data that needs updating would be too much to handle manually, but because it updates automatically through SuperControl we are able to do it. It is equivalent to having a good extra member of staff, so for us SuperControl is an investment not a cost. SuperControl ensures our business can run smoothly and that things are accurate.”

Everyone at SuperControl is so open and helpful. Ever since the beginning we have felt really valued by them.

“During training they were very patient and spent time with us answering all of our questions (which were sometimes repetitive) in a friendly way. It’s great to have a booking system where we’re not afraid to pick up the phone. That has been invaluable to us, it’s absolutely brilliant. SuperControl is constantly adapting and growing. Once they assimilate information from their customers they adapt to cater for their ever-changing needs.”

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