92% of guests expect to be able to “Book now”

According to a recent HomeAway survey, which was discussed at the Vacation Rental Managers Association conference in Dublin last month, 92% of travellers expect a “Book now” button when they’re searching for a self-catering property.


This means that if you don’t already offer online booking, you could be missing out on valuable revenue.

Offering online booking doesn’t mean you will lose the personal touch, however – it only gives guests a choice of how to book; they can still choose to book by phone or email.

Guest satisfaction

In addition to an easy, secure booking process, what else do guests expect?

Well, prior to booking, they want information – the more detailed, the better.

This includes:

  • Detailed property descriptions.
  • Up-to-date rates and availability.
  • Photos (these must be high-quality and number at least 12, preferably 20+).
  • Floor plans.

According to TripAdvisor, properties with interactive floor plans book an average 18% more nights than those without.

Guests also want a detailed map location showing where you are and they want certifiable reviews.

Make sure the information you provide is accurate because the measure of guest satisfaction = guest experience over expectation.

And, once they’ve booked, make sure guests feel well prepared for their holiday. Ask questions, find out the purpose of their stay and what they plan to do while they’re there.

Make them feel welcome and share local knowledge and know-how. And, make it easy for them to give feedback – ask them early in their stay if they’re happy. If they’re not, take steps to rectify that to avoid a negative review.

Guest satisfaction is all about the experience they have before, during and after booking your property. Make it as easy as possible for them to have a great holiday!